welcome, i am Kathleen- a spiritual healer, Certified Angel Inutuitive, Oracle card reader and empath here to offer guidance and support located in Bristol  (Bs16)

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Gentle Spiritual Healing for the Soul

Hi there and welcome to my site! I am Kathleen and I am a certified Angel Intuitive. Let me tell you a bit about myself...

A few years ago, the life I knew and loved came to an abrupt halt. I felt as if the bottom had fallen out and I was freefalling into chaos. I was going through a major family-life experience and I was terrified. I needed and craved help but didn't know where to turn. I was hitting rock bottom, but I landed on my knees. I clenched my grandmother's Rosary beads close to my heart and prayed for Divine Intervention. 

As if a light switch had been switched on in my darkness , I had an immediate understanding that the changes around me were happening for a reason, a higher reason--a reason that would help me to grow spiritually as a person. And that these changes would bring me closer to my spiritual path, my life's purpose, which then could be used to help others experiencing major life changes, heartache and confusion.

As Heaven had switched on a light for me, I was to light the way for others through the Guidance I received from the Angelic realm.

Over the next few years I studied the Metaphysical world. I became a student and graduate of many of Doreen Virtue's courses and am now a Certified Angel Intuitive and Oracle Card Reader as well as a healer.

I receive Guidance through meditation and tune into a client's energy through the Oracle Cards. As an empath, I feel other people's emotions which allows me to see where healing needs to take place, what blocks can be lifted and/or what etheric cords can be cut. 

I work with both adults and children to ease anxiety, grief, heartache and as well as anyone who just needs a bit of guidance as to what should they do next, those who feel 'stuck' and need some help in finding the 'next step' either in a career , workplace, family or relationships.

My clients and I work together as a team with Heaven's guidance leading us to find answers and inner peace.


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All sessions are held in absolute confidentiality.

Each session is about an hour. It consists of 1:1 Oracle Card reading, guidance session and discussion and energy healing work. Each session is individually curtailed to meet the client's highest needs. 

A session costs £30.00.

To book an appointment you can contact me at my email address (healingintuitive341@gmail.com) or message me on my facebook page @healingintuitive

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I look forward to hearing from you and discovering together what messages the Angels have for you!

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